Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Building ... Same Spirit

Today was not an ordinary Sunday for Krosang Paiyam Church of Christ Cambodia.

They are our sister and independent congregation around 60 KM from Phnom Penh. Reaching there is a challenge because of unpaved way but when you reach and receive warm welcome from smiley faces all tiredness just vanishes away.

We were invited by Church leaders there to join in their joy like people from neighboring congregations. While village chief and local Police officer were also invited but real happiness was sharing smiles with kids.

Attached are some pictures.... Keep us your prayers...

Monday, January 14, 2008

Krsong Paiyam Church.....visit

We received good news that construction of Church building at Krsong Paiyam has been completed.

Brother Lork Tawn was helping with Church there to manage everything in order otherwise that Church raised all funds on her own for the purpose.

It was considered as good gestures from our side as we reached there and spent whole day. Many local Church members came over to meet us.

We enjoyed hospitality of Brother Thy who is preacher of Church and volunteering.

On the way back home we stopped at Sophea's house.
Sophea is brilliant student of CBI and Youth Minister of Phnom Penh Church of Christ.

Hope that you will like pictures posted.

in HIM,

Phnom Penh Church of Christ.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bye Bye 2007 and ............

Happy New Year!

Another year has gone. PP Church of Christ went through certain changes during this year.

That was very first year when we found ourselves as full independent congregation. So naturally we went through many good and bad experiences which have never thought of.

Overall it was very good year. We not only had many baptisms but also continued to teach our members about The Truth and encouraging them to feel as one family beyond all social boundaries.

We had Water Festival in November and most people visited riverside of city those days. Later was another festival of "Chumban" which can be called Cambodian Christmas as city was almost empty during those days and there was lot of exchange of food.

December came with new challenge as our land lord hiked fare and Church found better to move to some other place which should possibly be cheap but continent too. Meanwhile we came across a van in very good condition and at very reasonable price. We are thankful to brethren who helped us to have this asset. We had Pre-Christmas party and invited many people which gave us chance to reach out to new souls specially in youngsters. There was bad news about health of our Preacher Brother James who has been diagnosed with stone in his kidney. During second week of December one of our Church member Brother Sophey and his family had to suffer loss of his father after complicated health problems.

During these months we have been visited by many friends and guests not only local but also foreigners. Like this week we were visited by Brother Sokhom Hun and family who is Cambo-American while during first week of December a group of young students from Bangkok visited and we had fellowship with them.

Now from January 2008 we are at our new meeting place which is on almost same street; Street 271 but in front of Cambodia Bible Institute. This place is less than 300 meters away from previously used building.

We pray to be enlightened that we may use our resources wisely to serve our LORD as much better as possible.

in HIM....... Wishing you smiles for life.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Reformation..... Revolution

Hello Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are thankful for your continuous prayers for us as we are trying to grow mature in all aspect of Christian fellowship.

In October, we have "Chumban" festival which last for 3 days and leaves city almost empty for 3 days. This year it is celebrated during 2nd week of month but most of our Church members attended service at Church as we were going to host Brother Lynn Nelson after 4 months and it was great opportunity to listen his words of encouragement and to see him again.

During last few weeks we had many visitors. First we had a group of young people from Thailand led by brother Jason who were on road trip to Cambodia. They worshipped with us on one wednesday evening and youngsters of our Church were please to share laughs and thoughts for that short time.

Then a couple from Singapore Church of Christ visited us while on holidays. And Brother Roberts from Thailand on same Lord's Day when Brother Lynn was with us.

Church has shuffled its Finance Ministry during past month to make it more effective. Now there will be TWO major parts as we are going to introduce Audit branch too consisting of three people while in Operation wing there will be four persons.

Brother Sophie, and Sister Channa will work directly with collections, depositing and withdrawal while check book will be with Sister Elvee (She will not have signing authority) and all payments will be made via checks instead of withdrawl slip which was used previously.

In Audit wing Church has nominated Brothers Sophy, Rich and Sothea were chosen. They will check ORIGINAL receipts from time to time and comprehansive audit after every quarter.

Please keep us in your prayers that we may stand worthy to our calling and useful in HIS Kingdom.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

INTRODUCTION ---- Phnom Penh Church of Christ Cambodia

We hope that you all may have heard about PPCOC but who are we? This maybe the question in some minds. So Please allow us to introduce ourselves.Phnom Penh is capital of Kingdom of Cambodia and most populated city in heart of country. Several brothers from other countries visited for evangelical purposes but things started to move forward around 1999 when Brother James Lork came back from Singapore after graduating from Four Seas Bible College. He was joined by Brother Bob Berard until Brother Bob passed away in road accident in 2003. Afterwards things started to decline but God chose Brother Lynn Nelson to join us here and with his expertise in the mission field we are getting mature in all aspects of Church life both physical and spiritual. He has conducted a series of lessons touching several subjects. Now PPCOC is stepping forward in a more organized way. All people who are working for Church are volunteers. We admire efforts of Brothers Lynn and James to encourage new Christians to come forward and play a role in the Church because Cambodian youth are shy although they are energetic.
People working in HIS KINGDOM are Brothers James Lork (Preacher), Tawn Lork (Preaching Assistant), Sokhon Sam (Finance Minister), Vanny Sea (Welcome Minister), Sophea Chab (Youth Minister), Saleem (Office Assistant) and Sister Neing Srey (Children Affairs). We hope that God will give a chance to most of you to visit this beautiful country and we will be honored to host you. Thanks to God and our Lord Jesus Christ that He is using us for His Great Commission. Phnom Penh Church of Christ has welcomed two souls into His Kingdom during the past month. Brother Chheave and Sister Lina. Sister Lina was 'immersed' in water by some denominational people but after her marriage with Brother Toul Vessna; God gave her the opportunity to learn and differentiate between true and false forms of religion. Brother Chheave has just completed his study from school and God has given him a chance to hear The Word which led him to The Truth.
Please keep us in your prayers that by time we become able to serve Him more better with maturity and self-sufficiency. "

Some News from Phnom Penh Cambodia

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

This year May was not so hot as we observed last year. I got lot of rain almost every afternoon. Two events took place during May at about same time. We had Brother Tobego from South Africa and we learned much more from him about Church Management by his sermon and Bible class on last Wednesday of the month. Brother Tobego's visit was sign of concern of South African brethren for PPCOC and we are looking forward for more visits from leadership of that mature Church for administrating tips and to share spiritual growth of our Church members.

June started with departure of Brother Lynn Nelson and family from Cambodia back to USA and thanks God that now they have reached Cameroon safely for coming years.

Brother James Lork was invited by River Road Church of Christ GA, USA for two weeks in July to shar news about Church with them more personally and in detail. He briefed brethrens and leadership there about current situation and placed proposals for future cooperation as newly established Church; Phnom Penh Church of Christ has much to do in coming time. After his successful visit Brother James got sick and it was very difficult for him to manage things properly for coming weeks but he being enthusiast servant of God kept his jobs and got better later on.

In late August Brother Richard Dolan arrived with family to serve with CBI as resident Dean. He has spent long years as Youth Minister and we hope that Lord will use him to mold CBI students as faithful servants. Brother Rich with his wife and daughter is learning Khmer now, so our Khmer services on Wednesday evening and on Sunday morning give opportunity to hear Word of God in local language. Brother Jerry Canterall also visited to teach Books of Daniel and Thessalonian to Bible students there. He also worshiped with us at Phnom Penh Church of Christ. Phnom Penh Church of Christ is working continuously to mature ministries and thanks God that our members are becoming aware of importance of discipline in Church.Currently we are requesting to you to pray for our building problem as owner of current building wants to sell building and it is difficult to find building with same facilities in this area even at same fare.

best wishes for you all.